Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Irresponsible-who? him no its me.........

Yesterday, I was talking with a friend. We were talking about our common fren. I called him irresponsible, lazy -more than me. I know he is but not much like me. Today, it was Nepal Banda (Nepal Closed), have to catch the office vehicle to get to office. Last night, I thought I can get up in time and catch it. So started to watch the movies on cable, it was a nice movie called "Out Of Sight", many times i did not understand the plot still i enjoyed it. After it finished, i started surfing the cable, did not find any good one and the surfing went on till midnight..and thought i would go sleep but for one more hour i started the loop. put alarm in my cell. This morning i woke up and looked at the watch, i realized i just missed the van, shit.........!!!!!! then my inner voice started to curse me again, boy now take ur punishment, walk boy, walk to office and it was far very far. So i walked. I was wearing winter clothes as it was not summer yet, oh! it was hot, but i reached my office though late i reached. And in my mind, i realized i am more irresponsible and lazy not him. Its so funny. Again new lesson in my life.

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