Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Remembering the hiking: Lakuri Bhanjyang

Was going thru the pictures in network of my workplace recently, saw the pictures of Lakuri Bhanjyang - Hiking. Felt very nice remembering the time spent their with frens. It was my second visit. And boy! it was awesome: AWESOME

Lakuri Bhanjyang, its a paradise. Its about an hour long to reach the bottom known as Sisneri from Gwarko. We reached there around 9 am. Have some chilli chana, egg, tea. Then started the hiking with a local guy, Surendra, guiding us up through the tough climbing (not so tough, but i like to call it tough). All the way up, we enjoyed and certainly took rest for sometime, though most of us were like "How am i going to continue???", the air, the trees, the view, and the togetherness of all made us go further.

We went to the Tower which was not completely made and was very hard to reach there coz the path was too steep. The view from there made us forget all our pain and burden for while. We went to fulfill our tummy's request, the dal bhat, saag, achar, it was like tasty feast for us, we did not wait for anything, just digged in.

Our last destination at the top was the resort up in the hill. A small walk to that place and we were there. It was open, could see all the hills and plains from there without any hindrance (oh there was one i dont know what its called) it was blocking all the view. Actually, three districts, kathmandu, lalitpur, bhaktapur, can be seen. Bad luck for us that day, were not able to see all. Still satisfied with the little view that was seen.

Everyone was tired, i remember how most of us lay down on the ground for some time, it was relaxing.

The hardest part for me i think, coming down part, my leg was shivering due to weakness. oh very hard to come down. When we reached the resort down in sisneri, felt like (no words to describe). Took rest and were ready for the campfire in the evening. Drank, ate, forgot all the pain in our body, played different games. Sekuwa, sab dardeko, tehi pani khaiyo, mitho-tito. khana ta kasaile pani ramrari khaena kyare. then the dancing, all were dancing, headbanging of sugam, dance of nitish all of a sudden, bishal and anjesh awastha. Surprise bday cake (suppose to be).

The time before sleeping, the act of some guys. All ended up good, coz all were good.

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  1. Liked it. I heard it;s really good