Friday, March 30, 2007

What I See??

Till now, I have expressed what ever comes in my mind and just put it in the blog with out caring that the grammar rules exist. Its freedom, I guess. No one look for that, they look for the depth of the content, the thinking of the person. But I'll try not to make grammatical mistakes or anything else of which I am not conscious about right now.

I have been thinking a lot and lot. The different day's experience made me so. One incident as told to me by a friend, a saint like person came to his college/school and showed them a glass, half filled with water. He explained that the person who sees the glass half filled is optimistic and who sees half empty is pessimistic. Then my friend asked him, what if person sees both. The answer was 'Loser'. Then he asked if the saint was the one. I don't know why he asked that question. I asked myself, as I know glass is half filled and half empty, am I loser too. If its true then more the knowledge more looser you are.

But I am not a Looser. And I guess no one is in his/her own view.


  1. tapaiko asti ko job interview k bhayo ? salary badna lagyo ho ?

  2. ke bhancha?? interview went quite well bro but don't know the results. salary.......hope it would increase......hehehehe