Tuesday, March 20, 2007

February still runnin on March

Last weekend, they were being teased. The Saturday night, SMS-give and take process went for long and the clever cupid shot arrows of love to both of them. Next day, afternoon, they went to date - could not believe at all Coz it was going to fast. Later gather up to feel awkward, and just look each others face and laugh. when she was out, asked him what happened. "Nothing, we talked about general things and sometime we were in silence" he answered.

"So, did you hold each others hands?"
Nice smile and "We are taking it slow."
"So , did you say I love you?"
Again smiling and "We are taking it Slow."
"OK, Fine"
Burst into laugh.

I thought becoz of our teasing, they had built up something for themselves but i was wrong again. They had the feelings for each other before and were feeling hard to express and they needed just a push to start, so we did that, didn't we guys"

P.S.: One bro was thinking about another girl and only knew who she was on the day of date.

You should sing it together this song....

I feel it in my finger
I feel it in my toe.....

Love is all around by wet wet wet

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