Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thoughts, crazy thougths..........mine

I always want to pour out my feelings in front of everyone so they won't have any problem to understand me. But I can't express with the appropriate words and sometimes making others to think different than what I want to tell. Guess I have to learn to express too. And my friends are always helping me to master it. As I have started about my friends, they are really cool and unique. Don't know the exact definition of friend, but I can tell that without friends, we don't exist.

Life-thought it is pain, simply pain giving me a damn headache, but as usual, I understood it very wrong. A thought just clicked in my mind, I have lot of problems-others have too-but still I think of my closed ones and try to solve their problems or compassionate them in their sorrows. I felt very good about it and my life.

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