Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Tara Baji Lai Lai"

At first I was in confusion,when my fren told me about it(only its name and venue of the show). I thought it was a documentary show, later, the day before the show, I found out it was a drama. And the expectation of having a nice time went in air. Its all because it was my first time to watch a drama. Still, I went to watch it with my frens. Reaching there, only I knew, it was organized by LEO CLUB of Chabahil. Like this, many things happen in my life in last moment, and all because of my "don't care" attitude. So, the drama started. In brief if i have to tell u about it then its all about the student life. Though the characters did not change as of their ages, they portrayed the different stage of student life, all the happy, sad and learning moments and what i did not see was the depth of friendship which is the most important part of life (its only my view, I can be wrong in interpreting it). The drama was humorous which obviously made me and others laugh a lot but with that it made me remember my old school days. Most of act in it reflected my school days. Over all, the drama was a hit.

The moral of the drama, as one of my fren told me, is there are different moments in ur life, but u have to learn to live (may be close to what he recited).

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