Saturday, August 06, 2011

Story of watching movie at their times...

Here I am watching movie after a bad day, I thought so, and my mom's elder sister('Thulma') stands beside me and watches the movie, too. Her sound suddenly makes me look at her and give full attention what she had to say. she started telling me the story which I had already heard from her. It was about the movies she and my mom had seen in theater long back when they were teen. At that time, too, they had to work very hard to support thier family. They used to get up early morning, no, it is early than early morning and finish their chores quickly.

They asked their father's permission to visit Pashupatinath temple. My grandfather was strict, very strict. They take bus to the capital, visit the temple and reach theater and enjoy their movie. After the movie, they went back home afraid of their angry old father. With their heartbeat in their mouth they went inside. So, the ordeal of getting beating or scolding from father was over. However, they had to finish their evening chores. After the tiring day, they would sleep as their head hit the pillow.

Their movie experience is much more worthy than mine, now. I can see the soft smile on her face as she remember those old days of her life. It makes me even more happier that she shares such wonderful stories with me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My wish and its side effects....

I am in my office in front of a computer's monitor thinking of what to post in my blog. Its just the same cliche that everyone use when they come back to post something new in their blog. But I won't be putting up this anymore now.

Today morning, I was randomly going through our English dailies in office - of course when I had some time to spare. Suddenly, I was amazed to see an image of train - not those ordinary and old kind of trains but new ones. Most amazing was to see the name pasted on it - Kathmandu Express. Wow! is it real? This was my first reaction to what I saw. Then it came to me, it was not real at all. The news was about the feasibility study of metro train in Kathmandu and as expected the study had been halted due to political nuisance (rather use it instead of turmoil or imbalance or anything else). I suddenly had an urge to take a good long trip on it. This can come true if I will be in UK, Japan or elsewhere. However, I wanted to ride on it here, right in my own country. All those thoughts about patriotism, development of Nepal and blah, blah... came in mind. What a dilemma I am living in. I guess it won't never be true in my lifetime. We need a great person like Prithivi Naryan Shah, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi...who can bring change to our country's situation and its people's lives, too.

My wish to ride on the metro is making me wish a lot of things which are not possible right away but not impossible in future to come.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unknown thoughts

I am feeling sleepy after using Facebook coz its already midnight. However, I am feeling to post something in my blog after a long time. Before, as I was doing my dishes, I was thinking I should post about the bus ride to my work which is a bit far from where I live. I was thinking about what I saw in the bus. It was a boy, may be 12 or 13 or more, I don't exactly what was his age. He was sitting besides me and our seats were close to the door which was open all the time. The wind was bit of cold to handle. I was wearing a thick jacket and still I was feeling cold. But that kid was only wearing a medium thickness T-shirt. Seeing that I felt pity for him with my head fully filled with different thoughts. But he was all fine. No sign of shivering at all. He was all by himself. Suddenly, I got struck by different feeling which I had never felt. It was not pity. It was not guilt. I don't know till now what happened at that time to me. Right now, I wish I could express what I felt. But I still can't figure it out. Now I got to sleep. Good night.

Friday, October 23, 2009

350 - what is it???

I am at my home had just returned from a three and half hour cycling. First there was a rally organized by Nepal Development Foundation. It was about some number 350 which I didn't know previously and hadn't gave any interest on it. And, I didn't gave much interest in rally, too, to ask the organizers what is it all about. I was just enjoying the ride. The funny part was that I was wearing the T-shirt provided by organizers with nice and big print of 350 with our country Nepal's flag and globe, nice design. And it was followed by a slogan "Save Our Himalayas". All these came to view when I was back to my home. I became curious about this 350. What is it? What does it signifies? I opened its website Clicked what is 350? without wasting any time.

We all know how our climate is changing everyday to worse. Its all because of us which we can not deny and we don't have much time to pay interest in it. All our carelessness, we are inviting a disastrous future for ourselves and our forthcoming generations. What we are doing is that we are increasing the amount of carbon-dioxide(co2)in our environment. It was okay, if the count of it would have been upto 350 parts in million. Since its over that count, we are now facing sudden change in climate changes. Many glaciers have been lost as they have melted away. so it was simple to understand what was happening. But to go back like before is very hard but what we need to think quickly and act upon it.

Today is October 24, 2009 and its "A Global Day of Climate Action". If we use cycle instead of other vehicles which use fossil fuels then it would certainly help in reducing pollution in world. I hope everyone would understand it and apply in their daily life.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stuck with beliefs and truth

This is what happens when you have elders who strongly believes in GOD, DEMONs etcetera, etcetera and you hardly believe in these stuffs. I am in middle of these stuffs. I believe partly and sometimes I don't believe at all. I am a science student and I know there are reasons what happens to us and around us. But sometimes science also fails to explain few things. I am aware of this, too.

Whats bugging me is that my elders conclude that everything happens because of supernatural forces and worst than that they believe we all have been suffering due to spells of witch who never wants us to see well. They have been visiting few people who claim God gets into their body and communicate with them - you won't believe that we can converse with that God face-to-face but in little bizarre way as that person's body is shaking a lot. I have also encountered this situation. At that time, a part of me strongly believes it and another just want to laugh at it. There are lot of things I can explain what they do. But I won't coz thinking of that only I feel irritated.

Back to the story. So everyday, my elders starts talking about these stuffs, be it morning, evening or afternoon. And many times, I had scolded them not to talk so much about these stuffs. But they never stopped it. One fine morning, same conversation was going on. I was reading newspaper in which I found a very encouraging and interesting article. So to divert them from the topic, I started to narrate the article. It was about the engineers-father and son- who had designed and completed the Brooklyn Bridge of US. The father, first, thought that the bridge over Brooklyn River, I guess, can be build. But no one cared about it or got interested in it. So, he convinced his son and they teamed up with other engineers to work on it. Unfortunately, due to accident in the bridge, father lost his life and son is paralyzed for life. But the son develops a way to communicate with people with the help of his beloved wife. As he was able to use his hands only ( may be fingers), he taps in his wife's hand and so they communicate with each other.So, he again teamed up with other engineers and started the project once again. And after a long period of 15 years the bridge is completed. And it is still holding on.

So this story made me cry, encouraged me and influenced me with never-die spirit. I liked it very much and guessed my elders liked it, too. But elders are elders. My aunt, just after I finished narrating, told "Bridge got its sacrifice" and "you know, that people sacrifice babies to bridge for its strength". AAgh.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long time no posting....

Its been like ages that I posted any on my very own blog. Its like being blank all that time. My friend suggested me I should post some of my daily events and reveal my inner thoughts, feelings about what I do or what I see. I had many things to post but at this moment nothing special is coming in my mind. I wish I had loads of things to share with all making them laugh or cry or even feel emotionally attached to my post. But wishing for anything ain't enough. I should be posting something. Whenever I am alone, walking on the road, I try to see whats going on around and try to analyze them so I could write something about it. I come up with good points and views but I didn't like to post them. To be honest, I was feeling lazy. I have been lazy for so long. So I promising myself that I am starting again what I had started long time ago with enthusiasm and eagerness at that time. And its all going to be my own views, thoughts, feelings. All me.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Following Mr. Wood

How does it sound? "A person perception about life, work can alter after reading a book." I was truly amazed when I witnessed it myself, if someone had told me about it, i would not have believed in it. The office where I work is the place where I witnessed it recently. One of my colleague and more than that a good friend was reading this inspirational book "Leaving Microsoft to change the world" by John Wood. Mr. wood have become an idol to my friend. I have not got the chance to read the book but I can tell its truly an inspiring and good one. I am not a good book reader but I will read it one day. So I was telling about my friend. Yesterday, when I was seated in front of my office computer, he appears suddenly with a grin in his face and told me that he was resigning. I was like OK, have you gone mad or something? He told he wanted to be focused with what he and few of his friends have started earlier before joining the office. But I did not see any regrets in his face but he was happy, happier than before. He was simply happy and so determined to fulfill his destiny. At that time I was proud of him and was envious about it and whatsoever, I got to learn a new thing from him.

All the best dude....and thank you.....

If you want to know about this friend of mine then click Salute to Mr. John Wood