Thursday, August 19, 2010

My wish and its side effects....

I am in my office in front of a computer's monitor thinking of what to post in my blog. Its just the same cliche that everyone use when they come back to post something new in their blog. But I won't be putting up this anymore now.

Today morning, I was randomly going through our English dailies in office - of course when I had some time to spare. Suddenly, I was amazed to see an image of train - not those ordinary and old kind of trains but new ones. Most amazing was to see the name pasted on it - Kathmandu Express. Wow! is it real? This was my first reaction to what I saw. Then it came to me, it was not real at all. The news was about the feasibility study of metro train in Kathmandu and as expected the study had been halted due to political nuisance (rather use it instead of turmoil or imbalance or anything else). I suddenly had an urge to take a good long trip on it. This can come true if I will be in UK, Japan or elsewhere. However, I wanted to ride on it here, right in my own country. All those thoughts about patriotism, development of Nepal and blah, blah... came in mind. What a dilemma I am living in. I guess it won't never be true in my lifetime. We need a great person like Prithivi Naryan Shah, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi...who can bring change to our country's situation and its people's lives, too.

My wish to ride on the metro is making me wish a lot of things which are not possible right away but not impossible in future to come.

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