Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unknown thoughts

I am feeling sleepy after using Facebook coz its already midnight. However, I am feeling to post something in my blog after a long time. Before, as I was doing my dishes, I was thinking I should post about the bus ride to my work which is a bit far from where I live. I was thinking about what I saw in the bus. It was a boy, may be 12 or 13 or more, I don't exactly what was his age. He was sitting besides me and our seats were close to the door which was open all the time. The wind was bit of cold to handle. I was wearing a thick jacket and still I was feeling cold. But that kid was only wearing a medium thickness T-shirt. Seeing that I felt pity for him with my head fully filled with different thoughts. But he was all fine. No sign of shivering at all. He was all by himself. Suddenly, I got struck by different feeling which I had never felt. It was not pity. It was not guilt. I don't know till now what happened at that time to me. Right now, I wish I could express what I felt. But I still can't figure it out. Now I got to sleep. Good night.