Friday, October 23, 2009

350 - what is it???

I am at my home had just returned from a three and half hour cycling. First there was a rally organized by Nepal Development Foundation. It was about some number 350 which I didn't know previously and hadn't gave any interest on it. And, I didn't gave much interest in rally, too, to ask the organizers what is it all about. I was just enjoying the ride. The funny part was that I was wearing the T-shirt provided by organizers with nice and big print of 350 with our country Nepal's flag and globe, nice design. And it was followed by a slogan "Save Our Himalayas". All these came to view when I was back to my home. I became curious about this 350. What is it? What does it signifies? I opened its website Clicked what is 350? without wasting any time.

We all know how our climate is changing everyday to worse. Its all because of us which we can not deny and we don't have much time to pay interest in it. All our carelessness, we are inviting a disastrous future for ourselves and our forthcoming generations. What we are doing is that we are increasing the amount of carbon-dioxide(co2)in our environment. It was okay, if the count of it would have been upto 350 parts in million. Since its over that count, we are now facing sudden change in climate changes. Many glaciers have been lost as they have melted away. so it was simple to understand what was happening. But to go back like before is very hard but what we need to think quickly and act upon it.

Today is October 24, 2009 and its "A Global Day of Climate Action". If we use cycle instead of other vehicles which use fossil fuels then it would certainly help in reducing pollution in world. I hope everyone would understand it and apply in their daily life.

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