Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stuck with beliefs and truth

This is what happens when you have elders who strongly believes in GOD, DEMONs etcetera, etcetera and you hardly believe in these stuffs. I am in middle of these stuffs. I believe partly and sometimes I don't believe at all. I am a science student and I know there are reasons what happens to us and around us. But sometimes science also fails to explain few things. I am aware of this, too.

Whats bugging me is that my elders conclude that everything happens because of supernatural forces and worst than that they believe we all have been suffering due to spells of witch who never wants us to see well. They have been visiting few people who claim God gets into their body and communicate with them - you won't believe that we can converse with that God face-to-face but in little bizarre way as that person's body is shaking a lot. I have also encountered this situation. At that time, a part of me strongly believes it and another just want to laugh at it. There are lot of things I can explain what they do. But I won't coz thinking of that only I feel irritated.

Back to the story. So everyday, my elders starts talking about these stuffs, be it morning, evening or afternoon. And many times, I had scolded them not to talk so much about these stuffs. But they never stopped it. One fine morning, same conversation was going on. I was reading newspaper in which I found a very encouraging and interesting article. So to divert them from the topic, I started to narrate the article. It was about the engineers-father and son- who had designed and completed the Brooklyn Bridge of US. The father, first, thought that the bridge over Brooklyn River, I guess, can be build. But no one cared about it or got interested in it. So, he convinced his son and they teamed up with other engineers to work on it. Unfortunately, due to accident in the bridge, father lost his life and son is paralyzed for life. But the son develops a way to communicate with people with the help of his beloved wife. As he was able to use his hands only ( may be fingers), he taps in his wife's hand and so they communicate with each other.So, he again teamed up with other engineers and started the project once again. And after a long period of 15 years the bridge is completed. And it is still holding on.

So this story made me cry, encouraged me and influenced me with never-die spirit. I liked it very much and guessed my elders liked it, too. But elders are elders. My aunt, just after I finished narrating, told "Bridge got its sacrifice" and "you know, that people sacrifice babies to bridge for its strength". AAgh.....


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  2. sorry yaar, got loads of work in hand so for now can not update my blog...will blog surely in near future....

  3. Yep nice going dude...keep it up..

  4. Yep nice going dude...keep it up..

  5. Yep nice going dude...keep it up..

  6. Yep nice going dude...keep it up..