Saturday, August 06, 2011

Story of watching movie at their times...

Here I am watching movie after a bad day, I thought so, and my mom's elder sister('Thulma') stands beside me and watches the movie, too. Her sound suddenly makes me look at her and give full attention what she had to say. she started telling me the story which I had already heard from her. It was about the movies she and my mom had seen in theater long back when they were teen. At that time, too, they had to work very hard to support thier family. They used to get up early morning, no, it is early than early morning and finish their chores quickly.

They asked their father's permission to visit Pashupatinath temple. My grandfather was strict, very strict. They take bus to the capital, visit the temple and reach theater and enjoy their movie. After the movie, they went back home afraid of their angry old father. With their heartbeat in their mouth they went inside. So, the ordeal of getting beating or scolding from father was over. However, they had to finish their evening chores. After the tiring day, they would sleep as their head hit the pillow.

Their movie experience is much more worthy than mine, now. I can see the soft smile on her face as she remember those old days of her life. It makes me even more happier that she shares such wonderful stories with me.

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