Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Following Mr. Wood

How does it sound? "A person perception about life, work can alter after reading a book." I was truly amazed when I witnessed it myself, if someone had told me about it, i would not have believed in it. The office where I work is the place where I witnessed it recently. One of my colleague and more than that a good friend was reading this inspirational book "Leaving Microsoft to change the world" by John Wood. Mr. wood have become an idol to my friend. I have not got the chance to read the book but I can tell its truly an inspiring and good one. I am not a good book reader but I will read it one day. So I was telling about my friend. Yesterday, when I was seated in front of my office computer, he appears suddenly with a grin in his face and told me that he was resigning. I was like OK, have you gone mad or something? He told he wanted to be focused with what he and few of his friends have started earlier before joining the office. But I did not see any regrets in his face but he was happy, happier than before. He was simply happy and so determined to fulfill his destiny. At that time I was proud of him and was envious about it and whatsoever, I got to learn a new thing from him.

All the best dude....and thank you.....

If you want to know about this friend of mine then click Salute to Mr. John Wood


  1. Thank you Prawesh for giving space for me in your blog.