Sunday, February 18, 2007

YTC - A Place to change yourself

Yesterday, I was there, Youth Telecenter (YTC), two boys studying in bachelors heard something about it before from one of our powerful, intellectual, (don't have more words to define her) friend. They came to check out what's it all about. I explained them about what its all about and what we do. But i think, i was mumbling repeating same thing again and again. I hope they had understood me. Still i feel the conversation lacked the essence, the need of YTC. "Nobody is perfect" taking this in my mind, hey i at least tried my best to make them understand. May be now I can write whats it all about.

One of fren, who is the co-founder of the forum, went to ITU-conference in spain(i think), and he came up with the idea of "Better Nepal", an organization run by the youth of Nepal to use ICT as a tool of development when we were in bachelors. That time, I took it as granted, and didn't think about it very much. Later, I heard due to lack of ICT tools and time, they could not go ahead and have to drop idea. All the efforts went to vain, i thought.

After finishing the degree in 2005, my one year became unproductive in searching jobs that to with out any interest. In betweens i heard from him to join the forum as he had started it again with the same agenda but this time as a forum. But again i did not gave my brain any shock about it. But then it was too much. I don't have a job for a year, i was not studying due to some personnel problem. My mind was dull. I took a big decision to join the forum as i have to shift to next city.

-----First day in the forum-----

I was totally dull and don't have anything in my mind, whats going to happen, what will i be doing?? I met my friend and he invited me as he was very generous and kind. Where am I??? was the big question in my mind, as i attended the ongoing meetings of youth. I just listened to the great ideas to do some youth festival to mark World Youth Day. They were great really great. All seem to be very active, full of different ideas. Oh! my god.... what am i?? what can i do here?? why am i here?? I thought what ability do i have?? I will not be able to do work here. It was out of my interest as i was and am interested in technology. I didn't feel any need of the experience i would get there. I came to know its name was "Youth Information Center" aiming to provide platforms to youth to share and gain knowledge for their own development in turn developing our nation. Its a high profile aim, i felt. Though i felt out of league, as i like to accept challenges, i felt i will try to do my best to work there.

I came across different things there, the vast change too. Youth Information Center was changed to Youth Telecenter with broader and specific objective. Now it was supported by South Asia Nepal(SAP-N), South Asia Partnership International(SAP-I) and Bellanet as it was supported by SAP-N before.

Its eight months now i have joined. I found a drastic change in myself. Before i was shy, dull not much, could not speak in front of mass and many more but now the talent in me is coming to life. But still I need to progress coz i think "I am a learner till I die, need more".

YTC and my friend was with me in my high time and low, I need to be with it in its high time and its low. If not of them, I would be in different place, doing different thing that would not fit in my life. Its a place to change yourself-inside out.

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