Monday, February 12, 2007

Irresponsible and taking everything for granted

Me, I don't have a very good family background though privileged. I know what i should do and what i should not. But still i am irresponsible and take everything for granted. Every time due to my lack of responsibility if something goes wrong, I start to complain myself-why are you like this, you could have done better than this, you could have make someones day. Then i start to promise myself to be responsible, to make things better- i feel good. I start to be responsible and work hard and you know the same loop start again-forget the things i promised myself and start over again. Today, something same like this happened, I complained, felt bad, promised and here i am to write my today's feeling in this blog. Oh ! God make me responsible and hard working fellow, but i know its me who can do that, not even him-he is there to show the way, me to follow, i am waiting for myself to follow the path. so the question is can i follow???

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