Thursday, February 22, 2007

Party, Party - it was Party

Partying was not one of my liking before. It was may be I was not able to interact with people, feeling shy as I am a shy guy, but yesterday evening, wow! I could not believe, I was partying like hell. It was the b'day party of two frens, lucky them. I danced though I had forgotten how to dance well. I don't have that special moves but I danced with all the effort. I was feeling good, not feeling shy, and one thing I hadn't drank much. Not only me all my frens were enjoying the party. Everyone was in good mood. The party ended in that place but continued it with some of us in our fren house. The night was to be remembered, will remember and hope all the frens will as we enjoyed a lot in our own ways.

I think the presence of my friends give me the strength to party.


  1. too bad you couldn't enjoy as much as Ashim bro, but still, i believe, after the dance was specially fun :)

  2. Yeah the night to remember but almost got myself in embarassing position the next day.