Monday, February 26, 2007

Student Concession-r they worthy to have it????

Last time I was returning to my home, the conductor of the bus came asked for the fare. As usual I gave him 2o box and said got card though I don't have one. He asked for the card, I gave him the old one thinking he would not know that it has expired as it was in AD. "Busted!!!!!" But to my dismay, he found it out and asked for more fare but i tried to convince him that the new one is in the process of making. He was in no mood to let me go. and without arguing i gave the rest of the fare. I was not like this before, I would not have done before, but new day always makes you different. I was embarrassed, cursed the conductor but with my inner voice. When I reached my place and was about to get down, he looked at me like he had win the great war, with pride. I hated him very much very much. Later that night, i thought about it, i found myself wrong and he was just doing his job, i asked for forgiveness for what i did, felt guilty and said to myself "ok! boy, you would not do such things again, u would not cheat anyone" then i answered "ok".

The next day, as i told the incident to my cousin, he said "hey bro, give me ur photo, I ll make you a fake card" then i said, "right now, i don't have it. will give next time". See how fast i forgot my promises, and was ready to cheat again.

And yesterday, when i was returning home from my office in a micro, as reached near my destination, the conductor kid, have foul language but told the untold thing which is still hitting in my mind, he asked me, "why do these students need concession for roaming and having fun, the concession should be given to the people who do labor work day and nite just to feed once in a day??" I was speechless, just gave him a smile but was in deep think what should be done. He was asking the wrong guy i think.

The big question to me is that will i give my photo to my cousin or not???????????

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