Sunday, November 18, 2007

Youth Solidarity festival 2007 @ KU

Youth Solidarity Festival 2007 was organized by student welfare council of Kathmandu University. There were lots of programs for two days, 16 and 17 November 2007 - youth conference, Music & dance competition, project exhibition, concert..... In youth conference, I was one of the speakers. I was there to talk about 'Contribution of Youth in Telecenter' as the organizer are planning to establish a library and a telecenter in Thawang VDC of Rolpa District, which is one of the remotest and least developed part of our Country. anyway, the other three speakers were prepared and ready to recite their points whereas me, not prepared and my heart was pounding like hell as my turn came near. The three speakers mostly talked about youth and politics i guess... the audiences were excited and lively. As i started, my topic was out of context, i was totally nervous but somehow manage to deliver the speech. And the great ordeal was over for me. but i was not happy with myself and the position i was there...its a great experience and i learned a lot from it....

After that, there was a presentation from a lady about their expedition to Mount Everest. A team of women from different field of life and caste are going to climb Mt. Everest in spring of 2008. It was exciting and fascinating, as I wonder how it would like to climb the tallest mountain of the world. If anyone interested about it, then u can log on to All the best.....


  1. thats nice. i miss my school days.

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