Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hero - saves others

The person with extra-ordinary power and uses to help other is called a "Hero". He was a boy but he possessed the power which will make him a hero someday.

He likes to watch movies in which heroes have super powers. To save others lives, heroes put their life in danger, what he like the most to watch, gives him that power which he posses.

One afternoon, as the rain has stopped, he was walking on the street heading home. He thought many things that he have to quit thinking as he was confused what he was thinking about. He was bored as he walked alone, no friends walking beside him. He was feeling lonely. Suddenly, a few meters ahead, an accident took place. He ran towards the site of accident. A bus and a car had collided head on. The driver of the car seems to be dead, smashed between the seat and the front, bleeding. People around captured the bus driver and started to beat him. The car suddenly was on the fire and the passenger of the car was stuck and unconscious. The fire had grabbed the whole car. The boy noticed that a person was on the back seat of the car. With out any care, he jumped in, he took off his shirt, made it wet with the water collected in the side of the road. He covered his hand with the shirt to open the car's door. He pulled the person out in no matter of time. He took him to the side of the road and checked for the pulse. The person was alive but unconscious. He put on the shirt and asked other person for ambulance. He breathed and thought I wish I could do that......

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