Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What was that??

I was supposed to visit the temple near my house. The temple, what can i say, it is beautiful, the gates, the mirror frames, the top of the temple all made of shiny gold. The place is very clean, no sign of garbage and other stuffs. As I entered the temple, there was a mass of people shouting with foul language and stoning someone. I was surprised to see such a scene in a temple where people come to ask for forgiveness for their sins. I rushed into the crowd to see they were throwing stones at a women who was fully covered in her own blood. The people were shouting "How can you come in this holy place? This is not for untouchable people like you. You've to pay for it dying." I was angry with these people and gathered up my courage and went to cover the women. As I turned around to make these people understand, I was shocked, they all looked like me. Damn, I got up, what the hell was that?? I couldn't understand. That morning I woke up early, very early


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