Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rise of blogging.....

I am totally in deep thinking as I am starting to blog today. But nothing surfaces in my mind. Just before starting, I was working in office and thought to take break-reading blogs of my friends. I knew my friends had not updated their blogs but found one of them had updated but quickly came to know why he had not been blogging for few months and so on...Then I remembered another blog of a friend which I had never visited. She is good blogger, though, I read some of the postings. The blog was totally about her and her perceptions of life including society and others. I added her link in my blog quickly, as I have the habit of adding friends' blogs in mine.

Then, suddenly, it strike to me...let me blog today...but still now I am unable to think of any good one. I want to put some good post in my blog that means something to me and others as well. Perhaps, this is the reason, I am not able to blog or I am just running away from it.

Now, I have to end my post here. When I started I didn't know what to write but I have managed to add a new post which gives me relief that I have blogged and may be it may be worth reading to others.I guess, though, there is nothing to blog about but with just clicks of few keys of keyboard and a subconscious mind, blogging starts again.


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  2. ..Hey bro...didn't knew u were a blogger too..good stuff man keep it up...
    Keep Blogging....

  3. Hey u never use to come in my blog.