Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I am sitting here what to write next on my blog, and a thought clicked in my head. Today's Happy Mother's Day. Why not write about mothers.

There would be no creature who don't love their creator, most adorable person of life........mother. She is no less powerful than God. She bears pain to give us the life. She cares us more than anything. She protects us from being harmed. She nurtures us to make us healthy. She teaches us the way of life. She is the only one who knows and understand us more than anyone else in our life. She works hard so that we don't have to struggle. She sacrifices for us to have everything. She can bear any extent of pain for us.

Whatever she does, she does for our happiness. No words can define her, her deeds, her pain, and mostly her love-her wonderful love.

Oh! mother, I've gone astray, gone on the way you did not wanted me to go but I still know whatever I become, wherever I'll be, you'll always love me. I love you too, Mom. Happy Mother's Day.


  1. o Prawesh you are perfect, you are in the right track. All the mother wants to have child like you, and love you always.

  2. last ko love you always chai, niraj dai ley prawesh dai laai bahneko ki mother ley, confuse bhayo.........

  3. thats just the mistake bro, loves ko thaun ma love bhako matra ho. understand, and don't be so ridiculous and always trying to find something like that