Thursday, April 19, 2007

Book of my past

This is a small poem - not like so called poem - just the feeling of mine when I went through the book of my past. Sorry to all the poets.

Went through the book of my past,

was a long time since I had opened it last.

Wasn’t like before, some pages had torn,

with tears in my eyes, I realized the time had long gone

Read the lines written by my friends,

tried to remember those wonderful days.

Had a memory of those days like the scent of fresh paint,

Caring, loving, playing, learning, and fighting-how we went

Crowned me with a name at that time,

Never I liked it when they teased me time to time.

Now I try to remember calling me with that name

Though I still hate that name, my nick name

Everyone, in my book, had advised me to be good,

I’ll go forth and do what I need and should

Miss you all and hope to meet you soon,

Coz the world’s so small, but wonder how you look


  1. म कवीता धेरई padhdina र त्येती रमैईलो पनी लाग्दैना ....... तर यो राम्रो छ । बधाई छ ।

  2. राम्रो लाग्यो

  3. Oie how come hun... how come.. this is good ... u should write more.. guess u re a poet a real one... plus what nick are u talking abt i will not use it onwards.....

  4. Prawesh, a poet! I have never imagined. Anyways, it is good and keep on writing. All the best.