Thursday, June 07, 2007

What's His Plan??

This morning went through my stuffs and found my cloth wrapped with a piece of newspaper. After unwrapping it, I started to go through the printed letters in it. I remembered it was the paper that I had bought but hadn't read that day and next day tore it to wrap my cloth to carry it. I started to wonder why did I buy papers coz I never read it. Its so funny and waste of money. The piece was" The City Post" of "The Kathmandu Post". There were 2 to 3 news about celebrities. But following story was interesting, different and funny when try to visiualize. It goes like:

Pan's message of ‘slow motion’

- What if the speed of the world stands still for a couple of minutes?

In a materialistic where speed is synonymous to progress, this might be an unusual phenomenon to imagine.

But a youth from South, Kim Pan, 21, is daring to revolutionize the world's speed in his own pace. Pan claims that he is determined to change the world's hastiness by walking rather slower than his passers-by.

On a sweltering Wednesday afternoon, Pan was spotted heading to Basantapur Durbar Square through crowded Ason road flanked by his dozen Nepali counterparts. He was walking differently—deliberately strolling 10 times slower than other pedestrians. Expressing each of his slow movements to the people with his hands gesturing in air, he was responding the inquisitiveness of many gathered around him.

“Hey, it's an amazing experience to walk in slow motion. I have wonderful feelings right now while reading curious faces beholding us,” he gushed with his friends. And his friends were also simply following his movements like a fun game amid the capital's busiest thoroughfare.

Actually, Pan is a promising artiste with a different taste. When he learned about Nepal and its unique culture, he could not relent to come to this mountainous country to share his new ideas of speed to its residents. Then he collected likeminded artists from Lalit Kala Campus and embarked on his slow journey in one of the busiest streets of this city.

On being asked about his “performing art”, he conceded that in his native language, that he wanted to live in his own way, unlike other people hurrying every moment. “You know, people are running after money and never ending longings for materialism. I wish to live and walk on my own,” he said philosophically.

“When I read faces of the people in the streets,” he continued, “It's a street education to learn how people react to our movements, and an attempt to encourage them to live on their own at least for a few moments.”

A camera was even capturing his infant-like steps. According to Pan, his team would make a street documentary—under his direction— to teach the people to change their speed. -It's taken from "The City Post"

He is one different person trying to make difference with his ideas, activities. The big question ,as I always intend to torture myself with, is 'Can He make the difference???' I hope I will get the answer for it

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  1. You caught a nice point! It happens to most of the people.

    And the article was nice too!